I’m the head Producer for Alleluia Christian Music Productions and Midi Magic Studio in Nashville. I’ve produced quite a lot of Christian Artists. I’ve been working with Karrie Harris for many years on close to 20 songs and have witnessed her songs grow from a tiny seed when we started to a glorious inspirational work once the final mix was done.

She’s one of those artists that you can tell was chosen by God for a great work. Many times when she presents a song to me the joy and spirit are so strong that’s it’s amazing and fun to watch.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and I know people will pick up on this when she performs live. She puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does.

Since she knows this is the Lord’s work, she is not done with a song until it’s perfection in every way. I know many souls will be encouraged and blessed by her music and her live performances, where she can really share her spirit and the gospel with all that are present.

I feel blessed to have worked with her and her songs, she’s gotten to be like a sister to me. I’d encourage any Church that enjoys an original anointed Christian guest artist to perform during their Sunday services to invite Karrie to come and share her music. I know the congregation will be excited and blessed.
— In Jesus name,
Gerry Peters
Midi Magic Studio
Alleluia Christian Music Productions
Hand in Hand has truly blessed me in my walk with the Lord. The songs are beautifully written, inspiring, and the message of intimacy with the Lord truly draws me into His presence. This album is truly God-breathed and a gift to all of us as believers.